The authentic old Lebanese village house in Lebanon.

It was prosperous. In addition, all families gathered and worked as one in the fields in all seasons to secure winter provisions.

  The Lebanese are hospitable people by nature, and in their culture it is considered a great honor to be a guest in their house, they greet you with tea or coffee which is offered to the guests on the spot, and it is good manners to accept such offers, and never refuse such offers because refusing them is considered an insult.

Therefore, the homes of the villagers are all for all people as if they are one house for all. Hence the name of the company “Beit El Kell” (House of All).

The villagers united to pick vegetables and fruits like olives, figs, grapes… In addition, whatever we like to eat we can find in our villages because the workers were working all day/year to provide everything.

Moreover, after a long day, they would gather in one house to have dinner, sing and dance beautiful songs, play cards, or play backgammon (traditional Lebanese games) and compete with each other to have fun. Therefore, they coexisted with each other joyfully, calmly and cared for each other.

That is why I consider every employee of “Beit El Kell” a member of the family. Moreover, we provide them with a spirit of love, intimacy, joy and generosity along with professional performance of their work.

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